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Stunning Views

Our commercial skylights offer you protection from the elements while flooding your commercial buildings such as shopping malls with natural light, as well as, providing your customers with stunning scenery.

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Create beautiful airy rooms using our skylights. Let natural light flood your building with a fresh, clean look.

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Breath Taking Designs

With our custom skylights for offices, never has it been so easy to create a masterpiece. Give your office that WOW factor — use glass skylights.

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Impressive Malls

Installing a skylight in shopping malls can make the world of difference to its interior appeal. Skylights let an abundance of natural light into the building. Modern skylights are both weather and leak resistant, and they are an eco-friendly option – making them a great source of light.

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Limitless Options

Creating limitless possibilities with fully customisable commercial skylight systems for happier, healthier office environments. For more than 32 years, architects, contractors, and builders have trusted Radiant Skylights' innovative designs and time-tested quality to naturally brighten offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, and manufacturing facilities.

Customised Design, Manufactured & Installed

Commercial / Office Skylights

When you install a skylight in your office, you will make a world of difference to your office’s interior appeal. Our custom skylights let an abundance of natural light into your office and our modern skylights are both weather- and leakage-resistant. 

We manufacture numerous different types of commercial and residential skylights such as the ever-popular pyramidbarrel and pitched-shaped skylights. 

With Radiant Skylights® commercial products, you can provide optimal light distribution at your building’s core while minimising glare and enhancing the architectural design of your commercial property.

Radiant offers limitless design possibilities for your commercial skylighting projects. We offer a full line of quality structural and unit skylights that meet stringent design criteria.

With a full engineering and customer service staff, Radiant Skylights® provides the quick product turnaround and continual support from inception to completed project for architects and contractors.

In today’s world where sustainability is key — Radiant Skylights® are an eco-friendly option – brighten your building with natural light.

Radiant Commercial Skylights

Radiant Commercial / Office Skylights®

Radiant Skylights® custom make skylights to suit each client’s individual specific needs. We pride ourselves being an innovative company that keeps up with the latest technological trends and developments.

Custom Skylights

Customised Skylights

All our skylights are entirely custom made for each client’s application. Radiant Skylights offer you the very best Skylight, Daylighting and Roof Ventilation Products.

Glass Skylights

High-Performance Glass

The use of high-performance glass and double glazed glass panels enables us to prevent heat build-up issues and adhere to the latest building codes and glazing fenestration requirements.

Patented Aluminium Profile Skylights

Patented Aluminium Profiles

Our patented aluminium profiles have special features to ensure a correct waterproofing detail and allow for condensation outlets, where and if required.

Go Green

Skylights can be used to heat your home during winter, and by using cross-ventilation, they can also assist with cooling your home during summer. It is all about planning and detail.


Radiant Skylights have no ongoing running costs, which means you can brighten dark spaces and at the same time cool your roof space while saving on your power bills.

5 Year Warranty

All our Radiant Skylights installations come with our standard five-year warranty*. Our five-year warranty guarantees you peace of mind.

*Subject to our standard terms & conditions

Shopping Mall Skylight

About Radiant Skylights

With over 32 years of manufacturing and installing skylights for both commercial and residential clients, Radiant Skylights® has earned its unrivalled position as one of the skylight industry leaders in South Africa.

Radiant Skylights® with our patented extruded aluminium profiles were designed and created in South Africa for South Africa’s climate. Radiant Skylights® are a celebration of South African ingenuity, and combined with our glazing system; Radiant’s customised skylights can be used in a variety of applications for designs that are both beautiful and practical, with a rich, non-industrial appeal.

This lightweight, maintenance-free glazing system has excellent insulation properties and a superior UV coating, which enables architects to introduce natural light into both commercial and residential buildings.

South Africa has an abundance of sunlight, a natural source of light and energy. Radiant Skylights® harnesses this inexhaustible source, providing both offices and homes with exceptional quality of light.